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Thomas Patterson

Christopher LindsayMy son Thomas left to go on holiday on the 16th July 2009 with family and work mates for a 4 day break. There were 5 of them staying at Torrevieja, Spain. Thomas was so excited about going away for a recharge break with the boys. He arrived
there at 10am and had a good day. He also had a good win at the bookies about 350
euros and they went back to the apartment to change for a night out. They went to the
Buddha bar had a meal and quite a few refreshments then were at a karoake in the
same pub.  His friends said that they left Thomas there at about 12am to carry on the
party on his own. There are reports of him arguing with a group of spaniards
outside the pub. We were told on a police report recieved in January 2010 that at
around 3am on the N-332 road (Catagena, Valencia) which is in the region of
Orihuela (A) there was an accident involving a pedestrian and a BMW 320 TD
resulting in death to the pedestrian.  He was taken to hospital de Torrevieja
with the S.A.M.U ambulance and at 6.30 death was confirmed with a telephone call
from the  central C.O.T.A to the G.I.A.T (group of identification traffic
support). The police interviewed the driver who claims he was doing about 80kh/h
with dipped headlights, music blaring and chatting to friends. He said by the time
he saw Thomas he tried to avoid him but it was too late.  His friends noticed
at 9am he had not been home and went to the police where they identified his body at
11am on the 17th july 2009 and paid 5000 euros to have his body repatriated but
it was published in a spanish newspaper that his body was immedietaly taken to a
forensic lab in Alicante that only  deals in violent deaths. There was no money
found. The only thing in his pocket was my phone number. I firmly believe my son was attacked and pursued by persons unknown onto the road and this was never investigated. His friends were never questioned about where they left him or why they left him. I have tried for 2 years to get answers but there is no one to help ie; the Government, legal system or the Foreign Office. No-one really cares. Also he was sent home without a death certificate. His death was registered on the 19th january 2010. I will never know the truth until I meet my son again.