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Andrew Watt

Andrew WattAndrew Watt died in France on the 7th or 8th September 2010. He was 31. He was found in a country path, lying virtually upright against the bank, 2km from his home and we were told that he had probably died of a heart attack due to the drugs he was taking (Andrew was suffering from a degree of paranoid schizophrenia). We are still fighting today for answers surrounding the circumstances of his death, as it took 3 months to get his body home and when an inquest was opened in Durham it was discovered that his heart, brain, lung, liver, throat, tongue and part of his scalp were missing. We found out, a year later, that he had been missing from the day before. The only letter we ever received from the 'procureur' (state prosecutor) in the department where Andrew died, was to tell us that the Independent Judicial Inquiry had been closed on the 28th October 2011 and that the case was filed under 'no offence'. We were not told about this inquiry and still have no idea why it was carried out and what it entailed. We have been given no official cause of death by the French authorities and our treatment has been inhumane. The pathologist in the UK stated that Andrew did not die of a heart attack, but that fluids from his stomach in one of his lungs is likely to have caused asphyxiation.  Toxicology are still looking to identify an unknown drug/metabolite in his system which also could have caused his death.  Like all our loved-ones families and friends we are keeping up our fight to get justice for those who cannot speak for themselves.